Albino Animals - Mammals (part 1)

Primates & Hoofed Mammals


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Albino male deer with antlers


There are 7 webpages about albinos on Grandpa Cliff's Science Website for Teenagers.  

    Introduction  - gives facts about albinos, and contains a list of all photos of albinos on this website

    Mammals - part 1  (this webpage)

    Mammals - part 2

    Mammals - part 3


    Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians



Read the Introduction webpage first if you want to better understand what is shown in the photos below.  



Photos of the following albino mammals can be found below.  They are grouped in the orders and families of closely related animals rather than alphabetically.  


Mammals (part 1)


ORDER:  Primates

    Family: Hominidae

        Human  (3)

        Gorilla  (2)

ORDER:  Artiodactyla

    Family: Cervidae

        Deer  (2)

        Moose  (2)

    Family: Giraffidae


    Family: Camelidae


    Family: Bovidae

        Bison  (2)


ORDER:  Perissodactyla

    Family: Equidae







In humans, a full albino will have a white or very light skin, pink irises of the eye, and hair which is white, cream-colored, or even yellowish.  In other mammals which are full albinos, the skin will be pinkish, the hair will be white, and the irises of the eye will be pink.  Partial albinos may have normal coloration on any of these features, but at least one of them will be the same as on a full albino.




Human albinos: A Caucasian child and two African children.  










[S]  [S]  

Snowflake, an albino gorilla, had white hair and pink skin.

The eyes look dark in these photos.  Snowflake died late 2003

of skin cancer as a result of exposure to too much sunlight.  




Deer fawn with pink eyes and skin.       Male (buck) deer with normal eye and flesh color.




Moose (Unknown Location (left), and Eastern Canada)



Partially albino Giraffe




Young albino camel (notice that it has no humps yet)




American Bison












Young, partially albino zebra.  

The stripes are much lighter.




All photos and diagrams that appear on this webpage are used for educational, non-commercial purposes as allowed by the Fair Use doctrine.  [S] is a link to the source of the image.

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