Albino Animals - Fish, Reptiles & Amphibians


by Grandpa Cliff     Jan 30, 2006




Mexican Salamander (aquatic)



There are 7 webpages about albinos on Grandpa Cliff's Science Website for Teenagers.  

    Introduction  - gives facts about albinos, and contains a list of all photos of albinos on this website

    Mammals - part 1  (this webpage)

    Mammals - part 2

    Mammals - part 3


    Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians



Read the Introduction webpage first if you want to better understand what is shown in the photos below.  



Photos of the following albino animals can be found below.  They are in groups of closely related animals rather than alphabetically.  




    Catfish (3)


    Shark, Red-tailed (aquarium)





    Snake (3)



    Frog (3)

    Salamander (2)







Stingrays (salt water)




Blue Catfish, 8 pounds, 24", 5 years old, raised in a 

private pond along with other catfish fingerlings.




A kind of Catfish




A bigger kind of Catfish !




Albino Trout




Red-tailed Shark.  An aquarium freshwater fish that is not a real shark.

Normal color is black except for the tail.





Albino Alligator




Partially-albino Sulcata Tortoise with pink eye and light color.

Normal tortoises and one albino in background.



Albino snake




Albino Pine Snake




Albino King Snake





Albino Leopard Frog




British albino frog




Albino Green Frog from Virginia




Gilled stage of a salamander which 

does not lose its gills.  Has pink eyes.




Gilled form of the Mexican Salamander which 

does not lose its gills.  It lives in water rather 

than on land.  This albino has pink eyes.




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