Mysterious Hollow Log


by Grandpa Cliff    Nov 19, 2005




Photo: Rik Littlefield


This photo was taken April 22, 2005 in the state of Washington, U.S.A., at the South Fork Tieton Headwaters Basin.  In the area where the log was found only conifer trees were growing, so we can assume it was also a conifer.



1)   What is the outside wood of this trunk called?

2)   What is the rotted wood of this trunk called?

3)   What are the spike-like things sticking into the opening?

The spikes are visible because the rotted wood that surrounded them fell to the bottom of the hollow.  The spikes are in a semi-circle.  

4)   If you carefully dug out the loose wood at the bottom of the hollow, do you think you would find spikes buried in it?

5)   Why are there lines going around the spikes?

6)   Where would the cambium (vascular cambium) have been on this tree when it was alive?

7)   Did this tree fall down or get cut down?

8)   What is the spikey thing at 5 o'clock on the outside of the log?

9)   Why are there breaks in the wood at the bottom of the trunk, but not at the top?

10) Why does the outside wood have horizontal lines going across it?  


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